Guided Scooter Tours

A fun way to experience Copenhagen

A city as unique as Copenhagen deserves a unique way to explore it, and a tour on wheels is just that! We will take you on guided city tours on eco-friendly scooters where you will see more sights than you can cover on foot and have lots of fun while doing it.

On our electric scooter tours you will uncover hidden gems of the city and get to know new and interesting places shown by a local guide. We offer tours beyond the ordinary and will let you in on a lot of fun facts along the way.

Sign up on the iPad and meet up on time – we’ll fix the rest.

Fastr - Guided tours Copenhagen

Experience Copenhagen together with us

We offer a fun and easy way to explore the city. No skills or planning need.

Choose & book a tour on the iPad

Enjoy a tour on wheels & explore cool places

We provide helmets for your safety

Exciting tours for everyone

Our mission is to show you the real Copenhagen. Our local guides will take you to new and exciting places where you can learn fun and interesting things only locals know. We want to offer tours unlike all the others. With Fastr you will get the chance to not only experience the touristy “must see’s” but also places, people and sights that serves your interest, whether it’s food, history or Instagram-friendly views. There will be something for everyone to enjoy.

The different tours will be updated on the website shortly.

Guided Scooter Tours

Important info

To join a tour you must read and comply with the following:

Always follow the instructions of the guide. Always follow the group.
Scooters are to follow the same traffic rules as ordinary bicycles, i.e. use bicycle lanes etc.
It is mandatory to wear a safety helmet all the time while driving.
While driving light must be switched on.
You must be above 18 years old to drive. Only one person on the scooter while driving.
It is illegal to drive the scooter if you are under the influence of alcohol or similar.
We have secured 3rd party insurance should an accident arise.

Contact information: or +45 4080 2190